Aber Home Inspections, Inc. of Raleigh in Wake County, NC will provide you with an understanding of the current condition of a residential property, including items that may be cause for future concern. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions with confidence and peace of mind regarding your home investment.

  • Aber Home Inspections, Inc. is licensed, insured and family-owned. We have performed more than 6,000 home inspections in and around Raleigh and Wake County, NC since our inception in January of 1998. In addition to home inspections, we do radon-in-air testing and water testing as well as the inspection of light commercial property.
  • Our reputation for competence, integrity and professionalism is well established. Experience, personal understanding of home ownership, impartial perspective and a friendly disposition translate into an ability to make sometimes-complex issues easier to grasp especially for the first-time homeowner.
  • Home inspection is our only business. We work only for you – our client. We know that buying or selling your home can be stressful and we are committed to providing information you need to help make things move a little more smoothly.